Jingle No More?

It’s about time I gave my take on a topic that one could argue is
desperately filling the column inches, but for the radio fans is like
an early Christmas present.

Even The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 has given 5 minutes to discussing
the topic this morning, with master cartridge-pusher Tony Blackburn.

That being the many articles posted in the papers and online
about Nick Grimshaw’s new breakfast show for Radio 1 and how
the brief for the imaging requires for it to “steer cleer of sung jingles”.

Media Guardian Article

BBC News Article

James Todd Blog Post

The one thing that gets me is how everyone’s treating this
like it’s a new development to the station, when in fact this is not the first time
a breakfast show on BBC Radio 1, or Radio 1 station-wide has
abandoned sung identification.

Many anoraks (and I will call them that) mourned the loss of JAM jingles on the station
in 1995 when to coincide with the introduction of Chris Evans hosting breakfast
the Nirvana and Shaggy sound-alike 1FM IDs;

[audio https://robinblamires26.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/r1-94.mp3]

were replaced by industrial inspired soundscapes with witty spoken liners.

[audio https://robinblamires26.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/r1-96.mp3]

Moving back up to date, the time-frame in which the potential clients have been
given to submit audio is pretty short considering the new show commences
in less than a month but in no way does that mean the imaging cannot evolve.

Overall it’s going to be a different type of show, more focused
towards Radio 1’s demographic and the identification is just a part of it.

More importantly it will help the station be more consistent all of the time,
whereas with Moyles it’s like a completely different station altogether.

Thankfully with Vernon Kay standing in on Breakfast they’ve abandoned
the Chris Moyles sung imaging for this week so at least it won’t be so much
of a sudden shock when Moyles ditches breakfast in the long run.


About Robin Blamires

I live in Ramsgate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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3 Responses to Jingle No More?

  1. Mike Russell says:

    It’s amazing to see this debate play out in the national media isn’t it Robin? I did enjoy the jingle nostalgia in your blog post especially the reference to the JAM stuff! Will sung jingles ever become ‘trendy’ again?

    • I did tweet about it earlier on, but in the interview on the Today Programme this morning, Tony Blackburn made a very valid point about too few presenters on the radio not knowing how to use jingles effectively in the present day.

      It’s a rather difficult one for me to dissect, sung jingles were one of the triggers of my interest in radio, and although they have evolved, the increasing market of stations have possibly resulted in them becoming less-memorable than they once were?

      Chris Moyles being the exception, but that’s all down to him using them effectively as part of his show, and that they also have a tongue in cheek approach.

      As long as listeners remember them, they’ll continue to dip in and out of the radio radar.

      • Mike Russell says:

        It was Pat Sharp’s 10 jingles in a row on Capital FM in the 1990s that really got me interested in radio and the sound of a radio station. I always thought Pat sounded so cool and slick on the air – not to mention the light reverb he used to apply to his voice.

        I loved that Radio 4 played a Mark Goodier jingle this morning!

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