The Listening List – 25.08.12

Over the last few months, I’ve attempted (being the operative word) to keep
a weekly diary of my radio listening exploits on my day-to-day
life blog

The list has now found a new home on my radio blog, for means of common sense
and here’s what’s caught my aural attention this week.

Kevin Eldon Will See You Now – BBC Radio 4, 21.08.12

A familiar face from many a television sitcom, Kevin Eldon is no stranger to radio
comedy having appeared with the likes of Chris Morris in Blue Jam, Lee and Herring’s
Fist Of Fun, and Listen Against.

“The Actor” finally gets his own Radio 4 series, like many new comedy outings
hidden in an 11pm timeslot but manages to provide amusement.

Clever use of the audio medium shows no boundaries with an amusing spoof
cinema advert for a digital watch tennis racket, and an interview with a fire alarm
enthusiast, helping to find a new alarm for Broadcasting House.

A stellar supporting cast also add to the enjoyment including Paul Putner
and Julia Davis, who like Eldon are both deserving of their own
comedy outings having lent their talents to so many others over the last
two decades.

Whilst it has a few flaws, there’s a lot of potential and should a second series get
the green light, let’s hope it gets promoted to the prestigious 6:30 timeslot.

About Robin Blamires

I live in Margate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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