Bye Bye Moyles – More Than Just A Breakfast Show

It’s the week I have been anticipating over the last couple of months,
where the self-proclaimed Saviour makes his departure
from BBC Radio 1’s breakfast show.

And to be quite honest, it’s unlikely that any other show in the near future
will have the same sort of impact on such a scale although it’s easy to forget that the
8 and a half year stint in the mornings is only part of a 15 year stint at the station.

It’s understandable as to why it took so long to get the prestigious
breakfast show as the bosses seemingly didn’t want another Chris Evans figure
so soon after his sacking in early 1997.

But since taking to the timeslot on the 5th of January 2004, the show
has rocketed radio to new heights not just down to Chris, but the team
who help the show flow together who have had a few changes over the years
but as a whole, the atmosphere has remained the same.

One particular team member who never seems to get the credit he deserves,
despite coming up with many of the ideas (both good and quite frankly rubbish)
for the features, writing countless clues for Carpark Catchphrase,
and staying on-air with Chris for the record-breaking 52 hour show for Comic Relief
is Dave Vitty AKA Comedy Dave.

Initially a tech-op at Radio 1, Dave became a keystone within Moyles’ show
who despite his miserable persona, has been very influential over the content,
not least as the lyricist behind many of Moyles popular song parodies, such as
Somerset Boy“, “No Hair“, “Lorry Driver” and “My Lamb Bhuna“.

However, there’s one crucial element of the show that without, it just wouldn’t stand out
from the others, and that’s the many jingles and audio identification as created
by the very talented Sandy Beech and Music 4.

From the ever-amusing JAM piss-takes from 1998,

to the jazzy, glitzy, and full-on orchestral offerings from the breakfast show
over the last 8 years, listeners have taken to the ditties, and I still can’t help
but get a little teary when hearing the “Cheesy Song” that opens the show,
paying homage to the station songs that dominated local radio in the 70s and 80s.

But if I had to choose a favourite jingle from all the 8 years on Breakfast,
it would have to be this one from June 2004 broadcast the day
after England were booted from Euro 2004, after losing to Portugual because of
the idiotic decision of referee Urs Meir to disallow Sol Campbell’s goal.

It’s all down to it’s simplicity, and ability to draw feelings of sadness, anger,
and subtle hilarity, reflecting the feelings of England fans that morning.

Most of all, what I love about Chris Moyles is how he can hold it all together.

A show involving a cast of 5 voices plus the occasional celebrity guests,
and yet technically it all sounds really slick and exciting, even when it goes wrong. (Contains strong language)

Seriously though, Moyles’ slick approach is something that is lacking by
a long way elsewhere in radio as too many other “entertainment” shows on the radio
put the technical production to one side, often not bothering at all.

And on that note, whilst many criticise Moyles for not being up to date
with current trends in popular culture, the same cannot be said
about the show keeping up to date with evolving technology.

None more so than the live video streaming online and on the red button
which Chris Moyles has definitely put to it’s best use, whether it’s the
marathon broadcast for Comic Relief or the amazing farewell song at
the end of today’s show.

It’s unfair to make comparisons with replacement Nick Grimshaw
as if you’ve listened to him before, then it’s more than obvious that his show
will be different in style to what we’ve had over the last 8 years.

With Moyles however, there have been more ups than downs, and it’s doubtful
that there will ever be another breakfast show that can generate a range of emotions
than what “The Saviour” has provided to a loyal audience and inspiring
a future generation of radio broadcasters, producers and radio lovers as a whole.

All down to the fact that Moyles is a massive radio anorak himself,
and has let his enthusiasm for the noise box shine through
which hopefully he will continue to do wherever he goes next.

About Robin Blamires

I live in Margate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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