The Listening List – Shaun Keaveny, BBC 6 Music, 17.09.12

I haven’t really given light to any live programmes on my radio blog before,
so what with Chris Moyles now departed from BBC Radio 1’s flagship show
now is a better time than ever.

So here goes with my attempt to dissect a series of breakfast shows I’ve
either only heard a few seconds of or never at all, and falling into the former
category is Shaun Keaveny on BBC 6 Music.

The host makes good use of music beds and clips throughout without being
too trigger happy, although hearing him speak over “Dragster” AKA
the BBC’s Snooker theme has me sniggering, what with it reminding
me of Bill Bailey’s dissection of the tune on his “Cosmic Jam” stand-up.

Keaveney assures new listeners that his show is “the equivalent of Jeff Buckley’s “Grace”
album  suggesting that it “takes about five listens before you get used to it”.

It leads on to a phone/text topic on what album the show could be compared
to, showing the ad-hoc nature of the show.

An initial panic comes across when a listener mentions that they named
their baby after the “Grace” album, resulting in Keaveny playing a snippet
of Simply Red’s “For Your Babies“.
Thankfully we’re spared from the rest of Hucknall’s warblings.

A Kenny Everett style link follows a track by Alt-J with the sound effect of
a vacuum cleaner illustrating the cleaning of the studio ahead of the arrival
of new BBC Director General George Entwistle.

The sudden cut-off further illustrates the dry humour of the show
with no pretence.

Georgie Rogers comes in at 8:45 with the music news update and it’s interesting
that there’s no backing bed during the live links of the feature.

It works well however, leading into a package interviewing New Order’s Bernard Sumners
at the previous weekend’s Festival No. 6, containing a fair few of the Manc bands
older tracks to accompany it, such as “Bizarre Love Triangle
and of course “Blue Monday“.

I found it distracting from the interview itself, but that’s not a criticism of
the interview itself as opposed to an observation of my wayward listening habits.

It makes you thankful for the iPlayer I guess.

Last week Moyles hinted that he would listen to Shaun Keaveny’s show and I
hope he was listening before 9am as he played a tune from one of “the saviour”s
favourite bands, that being York based Shed Seven.

But overall, it’s an entertaining listen with music (and very good music)
rightly taking center stage with Keaveny’s links in between being meaningful
and witty without being too over the top or dull.

I may make this a daily routine.

About Robin Blamires

I live in Margate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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