The Listening List: The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw, 24.09.12

It’s never really fair to come to conclusions after a first show, and Nick Grimshaw’s
first breakfast show for Radio 1 has been a mixture in all fairness.

Commencing with a quite honestly dated sounding theme that wouldn’t sound
out of place  on either Steve Wright’s show or Sky News in the 80s (which coincidentally
is where the rolling news channel itself  is stuck in by it’s standards) clashing with
a young sounding female voiceover, it’s only a taster of what’s to come, and after
two minutes the host finally makes  an appearance acknowledging his
two most recent predecessors of the timeslot Sara Cox and Chris Moyles.

Personally I like the show theme myself, but whether it’s suited to the show
is another issue.

The show has been promoted with the tagline “Now with added music”.

What they forgot to mention was it’s added music with intrusive air horn noises,
which is commonplace on Radio 1 in their increasing attempts to reach a younger
audience along with words such as “gwan” and “lolz”.

Therefore making this look more of a parody than the older demographic
they’re trying to rid itself of, in order to please The BBC Trust,
as at the end of the day, that’s who they are aiming to reach out to
as opposed to the suggested listener demographic itself.

Sorry, I’m straying.

Anyway, Grimmy lives up to the promise of playing more music, by having his
own “Big Thing” or record of the week, for those who aren’t up with the
ever increasing “yoof dictionary”.

The “Big Thing” as such is the latest offering from One Direction
which in no way sounds like “Should I Stay Or Should I Go
by The Clash.

Even worse however is a promo for Radio 1’s Teen Awards adapting
the Americanism of referring to 2012 as “two thousand twelve”.

Though I found it amusing what with the same trail using a voice
sample of Noddy Holder which proves that Radio 1 is on the ball
as ever with their specified demographic.

The first feature commences after 7am, with Grimmy warning beforehand
that “it might be crap”.

Borrowing from hometime presenter Greg James
Nick brings us the “Wake Up!” over a looped bed of Pharoah Monch’s
“Simon Says” (without the swearing) and reads out a list of text
messages ordering listeners to “Wake Up!” with added reggae-air-horn
noises for full effect.

A simple feature though it could have been a bit longer
which they may do as the show starts to establish itself.

Also on offer is the phone in quiz “Show-Quizzness” where Grimmy
spends about 10 minutes chatting to the caller, only to play a record
before actually starting the feature.

There’s not many other features as opposed to interviews with teen fodder
One Direction and an American performer who I can’t bear to refer
to on my blog.

As a presenter Grimshaw more or less establishes that he can hold it together
on his own, and doesn’t need a cast of sycophants to help him along.
If any other voice (bar the newsreader) makes an appearance,
then they’re heard off-mic.

Though to restore familiarity, Tina Daheley has been promoted from sports
reporter to newsreader (including sport) and former assistant producer
of the Chris Moyles Show Matt Fincham has bagged the top role of overall producer.

Their contributions are minimal however and it’s nice to hear a single voice
holding the reigns, and being able to tell a story.

Given a bit of time, this could go on to achieve success with its target
audience, whether it’s in  a year or two years. And failing that, they may as well
just give up and give Greg James the top job.

About Robin Blamires

I live in Margate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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1 Response to The Listening List: The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw, 24.09.12

  1. Mike Russell says:

    I tuned in this morning and the first thing I heard was a long speech segment with Justin Beiber! I do agree that overall there seems to be more music than before and it was all very ‘positive and upbeat’. Not sure it’s quite my cup of tea but then I am outside the demographic now and in the words of Matt Edmondson “if you’re over 30 we don’t want you listening to Radio 1!”

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