The Listening List – Sam and Lorna: Real Radio North West 105.4 (12-16 November 2012)

The Radio Festival in Manchester was my destination this week,
and before heading up there I did what I normally do and gave a
listen to the radio stations up there via their internet streams.

One show however has grabbed me in a way that doesn’t happen
often with a regional radio show, and that’s Sam and Lorna’s
“Feel Good Breakfast” on the North West’s Real Radio,
mainly down to it being a female double-headed show
which works brilliantly.

Just a shame it’s taken the bods higher up too long to notice this,
and with many other stations afraid to make the same move,
they’ll be standing out for quite some time yet.

Holding the fort are Sam Walker, a familiar voice to the area
having previously presented nights and afternoons on Key 103,
and Lorna Bancroft who throughout the week has managed
to fulfill all her quirks from her presenter profile, with her amazing
Donald Duck impression, and an attempt at breaking the record
for the most Haribo sweets stuffed in one’s mouth.

The duo’s enthusiasm shines through what could otherwise be mundane features
such as the hourly showbiz updates, and there’s a great relationship
with show producer Rhydian, and newsreader Nick Hatfield
who bears more than a little visual resemblance to Kenny Everett.

Not one link during the show sounds forced, and it manages
to fall in the category of radio shows where it’s a struggle to switch off,
because you want to hear what happens next.

The show’s approach is very accessible and the music played isn’t too bad either,
I was really impressed to hear “The Key, The Secret” being played one morning
and there’s a great balance between current tracks and classic
tunes which span far wider than many AM gold formats.

How long this will carry on remains to be seen, what with the possible
Global takeover of GMG getting close, so make the most of it while you can,
quite possibly the best breakfast show on regional commercial radio
where the nice family atmosphere springs out of the studio
with fantastic wit and above all, warmth.


About Robin Blamires

I live in Ramsgate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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