3 Years On Canterbury’s Airwaves

Last night was my third birthday edition of Blam Jam, and to mark the occasion
I thought it was time to give the sound design and show imaging a refresh.

The guys at Music Radio Creative provided the voices and a lot of work
on Adobe Audition resulted in this introduction which I hope gives
an idea of the many examples of uptempo beats played on the show.

The vocoder bit at the beginning was lifted from an Apollo 440 track called “Black Beat”
which was adapted by ITV as the theme tune to their Formula 1 coverage.

The second hour of the show saw another soundscape of sorts,
this one being devoted to the many forms of melodic jazz called “The Jazz Dial”.

You can hear the audio below by clicking on the picture.

The Jazz Dial

Jazz Dial







The idea for the intro and outro came from an Aardman animated
short called “Humdrum” featuring the voices of Scottish comedians Moray Hunter
and Jack Docherty, and the overall idea that jazz on the radio signifies a humdrum mood as such.

Which of course I’m attempting to defy, though it’s
up to the listener to decide ultimately.

Overall I’m hoping to take the imaging further for my
Blam Jam show in 2013, and I’ll post examples here on my radio blog.

About Robin Blamires

I live in Margate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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1 Response to 3 Years On Canterbury’s Airwaves

  1. Mike Russell says:

    Thanks for the Music Radio Creative mention Robin! That is one cool intro.

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