“Me Me Me” – Selling Your Brand In Radio

Another Radio Academy outing was the main priority this Monday passed,
and the key topic of discussion was an area that is becoming even more important
in the digital age, not just in radio, but in all creative fields.

That being the personal brand, making yourself stand out from the crowd, and the Radio Academy assembled a team of experts to explain the dos and don’ts
of selling yourself as a brand.

The panel being radio futurologist James Cridland, consultant Lisa Kerr, and former radio PD now consultant Paul Robinson, all judges on the annual 30 Under 30 search
where it became clear that to get on that illustrious list, it takes a lot more than just being
good at what you do in radio, whether it’s presenting, producing, or marketing.

The question they would be asking you if you were to put yourself forward for 30 Under 30, is “What do you want to be remembered for?”

And more importantly, how can you sum up your brand in three words?

I was writing notes on my Smartphone throughout and the three words I came up with were,
“Creative”, “Energetic”, and “Encyclopaedic”.

It got me thinking that such a thought extends far further than just the 30 Under 30
selection process as it’s important to get across to people what exactly it is you
do, or want to do in radio, and that way you’ll get in their heads and have a better
chance of staying in there.

Hosting the event was one of the current 30 Under 30, Emma Barnett from LBC,
and Women’s Editor at the Daily Telegraph.

A fantastic choice of host, not just through her enthusiasm and engaging personality,
but also a perfect example of how in the present day you have to be multi-skilled
and are likely to have more than one job in your chosen profession.

Whilst there was a lot covered in this event, I would have liked to have heard
more discussion about marketing your brand and devising a visual image,
though that could be an area of discussion for a future Radio Academy event.

As a whole I was able to come out of the event feeling inspired, and developing
a thought shower of how to squeeze all the positive qualities I have individually,
into one single brand.


About Robin Blamires

I live in Ramsgate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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