Blamirez At The Imaging Days – Day 1

100_9569For the last few months I have been anticipating a radio event that many in this field
have been anticipating for years, dare I say decades.

The Imaging Days commenced proceedings in Haarlem in Holland rather early this Monday 8th
September to celebrate all things imaging to an audience of  radio imaging producers
and imaging lovers overall, travelling from destinations as far Australia and Canada.



Getting proceedings underway were home-grown masters of multi-tracks, James Stodd (Jack FM South Coast), Nathan Freeman (BBC 6 Music) and Daniel Mumford
(ex-Radio 1 now freelance) showing how imaging can be experimental, break from
the traditional station sound conventions, and bring in voices not normally associated
with radio imaging to create memorable promotional audio.

A clever trail for BBC 6 Music’s “Punk Britannia” season being one such example
with a piece of rebellious dialogue transforming from an urban sounding
East London youth to an Estuary accented fella from the mid 70s.

You can tell that imaging works better in audio form
rather than me trying to write it down.

Thankfully those presenting at today’s event were able to put imaging into visual form
more productively, showing off their multi-tracks with one such highlight being a presentation from Wise Buddah jingle composer and producer Marc Vickers,
showing off the work of colleague Jem Godfrey, in particular the 7am gospel jingle
from Chris Evans’ BBC Radio 2 breakfast show.


“# Ladies and gentlemen, this is your multi-track talking”







Other highlights from day 1 included Simon Palframann from Kiss FM UK,
who taught most of the culturally illiterate in the room that there is in fact a music genre
known as “trap”, and voiceover stalwart/Kiss 100 alumni Dave Wartnaby
who in spite of his shyness gave possibly the most entertaining presentation of the day
showing the obstacles faced when recording imaging V/O work from all corners
of the globe, whether it be a professional recording studio in London,
or underneath the quilt covers of an Eastern European hotel bed.











The most useful practical tips that I came out with from today were that there’s nothing
wrong with using karaoke versions of current chart hits for music promotions, provided
they’re used in a clever manner to fool the listener’s ears, and despite the vast array on offer, there’s no perfect plug-in.

It’s the imaging producer’s ears that have the final decision on whether an ID or trail
sounds good, and to be in the same room as those dare I say more professional than
myself, it was quite something.

More goings on from day 2 to be posted tomorrow!

About Robin Blamires

I live in Margate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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