Pick Of The Pods – Spring 2015

Podcast listening has become a more of a recurring habit in the last month or so,
to the point that I am always looking for a daily excuse to go out on a lengthy walk
or train journey solely to listen to such delights.

Mainly because I am less distracted outside of the home, as a result of no browser tabs and so on, which maybe something worth considering in the wider world of radio.

Here’s just a few podcasts that have engaged my ears as of recent.

The Allusionist

One of the many offerings from Radiotopia, Helen Zaltzman sets out every fortnight
to give an informed and amusing insight into etymology, aimed at listeners
who aren’t as defined with dictionaries.

So far in this series they’ve looked at the implosion of the word “viral”,
investigated latin language and made it interesting, and have even had
an entire episode dedicated to the C-bomb.

That alone may explain why podcasts such as this and 99% Invisible
are easier on the ear, relaxed, and less condescending than many a Radio 4 documentary.

Zaltzman herself has been a little modest over how brilliant the podcast is,
but 7 episodes in, it’s more anticipated a listen than her long-runner “Answer Me This”
and unlikely to run out of ideas for future etymological explorations.

How about a future episode on the word “vacuous”?
(In no way a description of the podcast, I should clarify)


An offering from two new young talents looking into the 100 worst rated movies
on the IMDB database. Which is constantly changing by day.

Student Radio Award nominated Joel Grove and John Harris each week brave themselves
through big-screen bombs and give their own witty critique on the picture’s
embarrassing (and quite often hilarious) flaws.

Whether they be the 80s relics of “HobGoblins” or the grammatical errors of
“I Accuse My Parents” (worth listening solely for the incorrect use of the word “coincidence”)
Joel and John manage to tear down the terrible pictures with amusing results every episode.

I wonder what they’d make of the 1975 musical-medley “At Long Last Love”?…

Worst Episode Ever

One of the best things about podcasts is that it can allow anyone to chat in detail
about anything, and there are no limits as to where the podcast can take the listener.

Quite often it results in an entertaining listen, as proven by “the podcast made by people
who love
“The Simpsons,” for people who love “The Simpsons,”
about how much we hate “The Simpsons.

Every week hosts Jack and Dan probe one Season 11 onwards episode of The Simpsons
dissect it and eventually rank it amongst others to determine whether it is indeed
“The Worst Episode Ever”.

The only real flaw (and a very tiny one) is how the presenters may spend a length of time dissecting a piece of dialogue and then later on we hear it as a clip, to divide parts
of the episode, sort of spoiling the surprise element.
(Though we’re not actually meant to be laughing at the extracts are we?)

Though by the latest episode probing the infamous Season 11 episode
Kill The Alligator And F**k Off it’s managed to relax and find it’s feet as
the number one audio guide to the long decline of otherwise the greatest TV series ever.

I’m personally looking forward to Jack and Dan’s dissection of Season 18’s
The Boys Of Bummer“, an episode that succeeds in causing the viewer
to hate every resident of Springfield.

So that’s my rundown of podcasts, but for a far more informed set of recommendations,
this list is worth a look.

About Robin Blamires

I live in Margate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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