Moyles Taking The X

Knee-jerk reaction is a common habit with media consumers,
forever in belief of their own individual entitlement.

Which is why I’ve tried my best to resist writing on “The Saviour”s return to radio,
at Global’s new Radio X giving it at least a week, before making a full judgement.

The first show on Monday was strong, honest and contained witty elements.

It was good to hear Chris Moyles back doing what he does best, breaking the conventions of traditional (and dreadfully tired) commercial radio breakfast shows,
and dismissing any misconceptions of the idea that the new Radio X is aimed
only at “blokes” by playing Girls Aloud as his first record.

An irreverent, if at times indulgent interview with Noel Gallagher was also a highlight.

Fears that the show would be a direct clone of the one on Radio 1
have been unfounded, with the jingles revamped to sound like a Kaiser Chiefs middle 8, only one news bulletin per-hour with “One Road Travel” replaced with no travel at all, and Friday’s “Golden Hour” revival, substituted with “The Platinum Hour”.

Whilst Moyles has adapted well to the addition of ad-breaks (shorter than you’d expect than many other commercial stations) the big worry was the lack of features,
and that it could result in the show being weaker than it potentially can be.

A lot of that is down to the lack of a Comedy Dave figure, someone to come up
with strong ideas and features, which many misconceived on that they were
thought up by Moyles himself.

Which sort of answers a question posed in another blog, asking if the show is
a genuine daily listen or is today just a nice, nostalgic listen for Moyles fans?“.

I think that quote confirms that I may not be a Moyles fan.

Well, not in the same sense as a One Direction fan, who will go defensively apeshit
on hearing any bad words said about them.

Chris Moyles has made a lot of great radio, but the first week back on air has hinted
towards complacency, and refusing to acknowledge that there is a world outside
that big building in Leicester Square.

Whenever newsreader Dominic Byrne is asked to do an impression of Global boss Richard Park for the hundredth time, I’m left thinking, “what’s this going to mean
for any non-radio geeks?”, especially when Dom refuses to follow said command.

Because let’s face it, the show that Park is most famous for outside of radio,
the infamous Fame Academy, got even less viewers than The Voice.

And it’s funny how Moyles finds it hilarious to gatecrash the other breakfast shows
from Global’s sister stations, yet isn’t too pleased when his own show is observed
by a tour party.

But that’s a convention of all big-mouthed jocks, they can dish it out,
but don’t like it thrown back at them.

In spite of the flaws in structure and inside jokes mistaken for show content,
the spoken bits from Moyles, have seemingly kept me listening, preventing me
from getting into the bath or even getting dressed until 10am.

Even prompting me to listen back to the show’s opening link on Radio X’s listen again
on the off-chance that I have overslept.

The man’s undeniably a radio magnet, even if there are few things that need ironing out.

About Robin Blamires

I live in Margate and am interested in radio and music. Bipolar and ASD.
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