Radio Documentaries and Features

Examples of audio focusing on a wide range of offbeat interests.

Blam Jam meets Bluey (CSR FM)

On the band’s 35th anniversary, Robin meets the frontman of Incognito, getting
a colourful and entertaining insight into the musician’s lengthy career
from “Jazz Funk” to “Amplified Soul”.

Socially Solitary
A look at activities that can be done by people on their own
and how they became a habit.

The Turning Points Of Tarot
Is the art of Tarot Card reading a reliable way of predicting outcomes?
And with technology leading the way for different forms of reading,
which method is the most reliable?

Justin Bond – Lustre
A short feature interviewing transgender performer Justin Bond, where interviewer
Eric Whelan previews his upcoming solo show in London.

A Jingle Collector’s Tale
Yes, there’s no denying it, I am a radio jingle anorak.
And this audio piece produced for the “Collector’s Tale” series looks into how
I became insanely obsessed with the angelically sung short songs.


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