Inside The Mind Of A Hypomanic

An amazing piece of work
Matthew Bannister, presenter of Outlook, BBC World Service

“Funny, surprising, inventive audio”
Miranda Sawyer, radio critic for The Observer

In 2013 I got together with independent production company Folded Wing
to produce a podcast exploring what it feels like to go through a manic episode,
inspired by a personal experience that took place when I was 22 years old.

The podcast can be heard in the player below.

In addition to the podcast itself, I produced a behind the scenes audio diary,
as part of Folded Wing’s “Tuned In To The Future” series, including my family’s
thoughts about my manic episode, and what took place in the studio
on the day the podcast was recorded.

Since the podcast was published in December 2013, it has attracted a
lot of attention in the press, and support from mental health charities such as Rethink.

Metro review (08.01.14)

Observer review (12.01.14)

Radio Today article (20.01.14)

The media attention has also lead to an interview on the BBC World Service’s
“Outlook” programme, which can be heard here:

Outlook interview: (20.01.14)

This project as a whole has enabled me not just to understand more about
my mental challenges, but also build on the positive strengths of teamwork within
radio, as well as technical abilities I hope I can take further on future radio projects.

100_1629                                      Robin, and Folded Wing CEO Karen Pearson

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