I have always had a crazy enthusiasm for the bits in between the tunes on radio.
On this page you can hear a some of those “bits” that I have produced.

All audio on this page produced with Adobe Audition, ProTools, and Ableton Live 

CSR FM 97.4 (2010-Ongoing)
Since joining CSR I have lent my vast audio abilities
to their imaging and am currently the station’s head of production
overseeing station identification and show trails.


One of the big challenges was introducing a 3-note sonic logo across the station
and implementing it in different musical styles.

IDs and Show Intros (September ’14 onwards)

Al & Jack Trail (Themed Requests) (November ’14)

Radio Rose Trail (Retro/Oldies) (November ’14)

Various material (2010-2013)



Inspired Radio, Surrey RSL (2014)
Imaging I produced for a youth radio station broadcasting the Spelthorne area of Surrey
over August 2014.




IDs and Top Of Hour Stager

Station Highlights Montage


Smoke Radio (2005-2009)
Jingles and trails produced for the award winning radio station of the University of Westminster.
It even caught the attention of some special guests!

Specialist Music Show IDs
Identification and promotional audio for programmes playing specific music genres,
with their own unique style to suit their respective shows.
(Sung IDs courtesy of JAM Creative Productions)

S&P (Various Stations)
Selling and plugging, (I think that’s what it stands for…)

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